About Us

Founded in 2006 and based in Sanford, North Carolina, Smith Group Realty provides a unique experience from start to finish for both buyers and sellers.  Smith Group Realty is a full service real estate agency capable of handling all of your real estate needs.

We are located in the heart of downtown in the Historic Coke Building which was first established in 1905.  Our location functioned as a bottling facility for Coca-Cola until the 1970s at which time it sat as a storage space until the 1990’s.  Then James Kelly, a Sanford residence saw potential for this unique space and brought life back into the building.  This is now a landmark in Sanford and is the perfect blend of the town’s rich historic background and innovative, forward-thinking which fits our company perfectly.

Come visit us and be inspired by the history of the building.  View the coke bottles and terracotta lettering that makes it a historic attraction from the sidewalk.  Then venture inside and walk up the stairs as you walk back in time with glimpses of paint from the 1920’s, murals still evident on the exposed brick, and a large metal door that once saw hundreds of classic Coke bottles pass through to distributors years ago.  Take a look around as we invite you to view our beautiful office and home for years to come!

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